2015 Year In Review | Kris

“2015 was a weird, crazy, hectic and monumental year. I welcomed my second child into the world and we wrote and recorded our most personal and emotional record to date. It was very bitter sweet (as if I were saying goodbye to an old friend). I couldn't feel more strongly about it. A lot of great music and games helped me through the toughest of times over the last couple years. A lot of it made me not feel so alone. I can only hope that our music can land with just a handful of people like these albums did with me. I spent a lot of my year in reflection. Learning from missteps and mistakes. Writing. Like watching a deep wound scab over and eventually scar, we shed 2015 and welcome the New Year.”

Kris / L24F

In the studio working on LP3, July 2015

In the studio working on LP3, July 2015

My music of 2015

  1. Half Moon Run / Sun Leads Me On (I got HOOKED on their debut record last year and this one just blew me away. My favorite record of the last few years by leaps and bounds)
  2. Death Cab for Cutie / Kinsugi. (It's Death Cab... and it's a very raw and hurt Ben Gibbard)
  3. Father John Misty / I Love You, Honeybear (I honestly didn't know if Tillman could pull off another FJM record, but sometimes lightning strikes twice)
  4. My Morning Jacket / The Waterfall (It's hard to not feel an intimate connection with this record. We recorded at the same studio under the same type of vibe, and this record really captures the magic of Stinson Beach. It's also MMJ's best since Z)
  5. Boy and Bear / Limit of Love (Much like Half Moon Run, I got hooked on the last Boy and Bear record. Although I didn't LOVE this one quite as much, it's still one of my favorites of the year)

My games of 2015

  1. Fallout 4 (It's really hard to not get lost in the wasteland and forget about everything else happening. REALLY HARD)
  2. Metal Gear Solid 5; Phantom Pain (It's Metal Gear Solid AND it actually plays well)
  3. The Witcher 3 (I haven't experienced such a living the breathing world in a long time, if ever)
  4. Altos Adventure (If I was ever upset, I could open my phone and instantly feel relief from this beautiful combo of visuals and sounds. My zen.)
  5. Dying Light (I loved Dead Island. This is everything I could have wanted fixed with Dead Island and more)