CTRL+Z Release


CTRL+Z is officially out today on Gold Standard Records. We are so incredibly grateful for all the support we've had through the years. We've waited a long time to share this incredibly personal journey with you all. Please share it with us.

If you've ever felt like life was coming at you so fast you couldn't possibly take anymore... this album is for you. If you've ever found yourself in a position you thought impossible to recover from... this album is for you. If a friend or a loved one is going through things like this and you aren't sure how to help them... share it with them. 

We hope you enjoy it. 

XOXO, Life in 24 Frames.

CTRL+Z is available on iTunes / Google Play / Amazon / Spotify 


We are very happy to announce that the limited vinyl pressing of CTRL+Z is underway. Everything has been sent to the pressing plant and we are expecting to receive them sometime in April. This will be a limited run of 250 only.

Available for pre-order now here!